Indian judiciary

On the one hand, one is surprised by the Strictness of the court wrt jayalalitha. And this was not just by One judge, who sentenced that she be jailed. The one who judged that she was not to get bail has also encouraged those who love Justice. But, both these examples come from Karnataka.

Otherwise, judges from all over India disappoint. On the latest front, court in TN wants to know details of the Schools that remained closed at her arrest. Of course a huge lot of those schools/colleges are owned and operated by jaya’s cadre. But if courts do not know that Tremendous amounts of Pressure is put on establishments to comply with these ‘Shutdowns,’ then courts are Naive.

Courts in TN did not take notice of Violence perpetrated by admk cadre after jaya’s arrest. Shame.

One now awaits what the so called supreme court is going to say wrt to jaya’s bail plea.

Can courts also explain Why no action has been taken wrt to vadra, mamata banerjee, etc? Why are these not in jail? Hugely disappointed.


  1. We reflect, express and carry out, as institutions, bureaucracies and government are supposed to. Where does one start, where did it all start from, how can we fit into or change it at all ? It’s big and we’re in it, the human condition and society. We carry on but are now hitting an exponential wall in our population curve that we see reflected in every other curve.


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