Update One, on my Novel

Before I speak of my Novel, have to say a few things about my having been SO busy on my Blog. Not to be recommended, I know. But it was a case of Striking the Iron while it was Hot. Needs Must.


Coming to my Novel, I present to You a Small and Tiny Excerpt, on which I too, I shall be working, doing more editings and polishing. For the Moment:

‘Nothing brings out Beauty like Love! And Nothing brings about Love like Suffering. Gopal knew suffering. He could have turned bitter. He had chosen not to. And Aruna, being loved, was able to relax and forget her past. Not only that, She was simply blooming!’


Your Feedback would be Highly Appreciated. 🙂


  1. Liked it and loved it…will wait for more. And what you said about love and suffering is the ultimate truth. The meaning of love remains elusive until time shrugs to take one out of his cozy world and experience pain. Then the absence of love dawns the precise meaning without needing words!

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    • Thank You, Kalisha! Actually I have it just now at the end of possibly my first chapter, which has about 8000 words for now. Your valuable comment makes me think. Thank You again, and Love. 🙂


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