How Media can Help


For a long time We in India have heard that pakistan had resorted to ‘Unprovoked’ firing across the border. And they accuse us of the same.


pak shelling mortar frags

Mortar fragments and villagers, on the Indian side. The expressions on the faces are to be Noted. Picture:

pak shelling army evacuates vill

This picture is from the 26th of August! Indian Army helps Evacuate Villagers. Picture:

pak shelling abandoned vill

Abandoned Indian Village near Border. From:


Satellite photo records Would provide Honest answers to this. Below, my tweets to BBC over this.


@BBCWorld 1. Just saw Your report on shelling bet India and pakistan. Question always comes to ‘Who started it?’

@BBCWorld 2. You have satellites to track Weather. Must be Child’s play to track cross border firings!

@BBCWorld 3. Satellite pics, date n month wise, showing WHO started, wd solve this problem; wd quieten critics, n put pressure on offender.


Of course, there is the Further Headache, that BBC records might Not be believed. …The UN should have a cell for this.


4 thoughts on “How Media can Help”

  1. Oh, I can tell you who started it: The gun factories is USA, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan,,,, who would all have to close down their factories otherwise, and the economy of these countries would suffer greatly….. (They will have peace in their countries only if these warring nations continue to use, exhaust and replenish their weapon stocks…) If you want peace in the world, pray for the prosperity of these countries without arms manufacture….and then, for my hot temperament to cool down…


  2. Thank You for the Response, my Dear Thomas!

    As You would know, I too am Very Well Aware of many Wars getting ‘Manufactured’ to get the Arms sold and money procured. And India is big in too, though not in major arms.

    My point in writing about Finding Who started things is this:

    IF We can find out, in terms of Time, just Who started the Military Aggression, the UN, and the World in general should be able to bring pressure on the aggressor to get it to cease.

    Mine is what We can call a First Step, and a Short term solution. MUCH more has to be done for World Peace, of course.



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