Suggestions to the judiciary

  • judges should be paid EQUITABLE salaries. I suggest One Lakh per month as starting salary for them, and all other benefits that they get just now.
  • This will be ONE step in bringing down bribery and corruption in those circles.
  • judges still indulging in corruption should be summarily dismissed, after giving them a good beating.
  • NOT knowledge of law, but Character, Values and Honesty should be criteria for choosing judges.
  • Not political say, nor seniority, should have a say in their appointment.
  • chief judges should serve for a minimum of one year. They should weed out defunct laws, and keep the judiciary clean.


    • Thank You for Your very supportive comments, Amoa! The truth is that at this point of time, there is very little to Smile about for the Common Man. The Judiciary is a pillar on which We All rely, hoping for everything good. And sadly, not only now, but even from Biblical times it would seem, judges have given in to greed.


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