On Truth

Some sharings from a person, Kimberly Townsend Palmer, whose writings I admire:


First off, my name is not really Kimberly Townsend Palmer. It is, or rather, should be, Kimberly Townsend Pomikala. Pomikala is a Bohemian name, which my father was born with but which was changed by his family not too long after he started school in Arcadia, California. It was changed because one fine, sunny day he came home in tears after being called a “dirty Bohunk” by the other children. It was 1943, and the world, and finally the United States, had long been at war. The biggest battles were not being fought on battlefields but being fought inside the human heart. Many families lost their entire physical existence, multiple generations snuffed out in less time than it takes to inhale, exhale — mine lost only its identity. A small price to pay for being safe in southern California, in a town named for the residence of the Greek gods. So my father grew up as a camouflaged ethnic. The name was changed, but the inside could not be changed. He never felt at home anywhere he went. He might well have been a war refugee of a metaphysical battle — a battle, the fundamental struggle humanity has been waging since its inception, the inexorable war between truth and ignorance. Factual accuracy is not always the truth — truth goes to the essence of a thing. Not the surface, but what is deep within. (Emphasis mine).


I find the above lines very beautiful, and wholeheartedly agree with them. Kudos to Kimberly.


I do not agree with Kimberly in her next two paragraphs. An excerpt from that part:

Love exists. Hate exists. Both can serve the truth. Both can serve ignorance.


  1. I share your view, this whole brouhaha about racism cuts more deeply than a knife but that should not bring hatred. Some white people can look down on the blacks, some blacks can look down on whites as manipulative plagues but in the end, some whites are very good to humanity and vice versa. That’s why I do not believe in labelling.

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