England: Bluebells, Kebab Shops and Immigration

I might have written these same thoughts in a different way, but I consider this post simply ‘Magnificent.’ And this is the first time I am using this adjective for a Reblog.

As far as Racism goes, it is not just any One country. Just days ago, We had news that persons from the North East of India, working in the state of Karnataka, — supposed to be an Educated state too — were beaten up just because they could not speak the local language. And again, it is not just Karnataka.

A good time to reflect that We All have our Pasts and our Sins, and that We would do well to do things about them.

High Kudos to Rachel. 🙂

Globe Drifting


‘I am the tall kingdom over your shoulder
That you would neither cajole nor ignore.
Conquest is a lie. I grow older
Conceding your half-independant shore
Within whose borders now my legacy
Culminates inexorably.’  Seamus Heaney, The Act of Union

Priding itself on the artistic and scientific skill of its people, England is deemed to be not only a land favoured by nature, but also a thriving cultural hive from which the creations of Jane Austin, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, William Blake, Christopher Wren and John Lennon have emerged. An understated humour epitomised by the uncensored intellectual satire of Russell Brand flows through towns and cities, yet behind quaint afternoon tea and yoga classes, beyond even the moist green grass of this- as Shakespeare defined it – ‘other Eden, demi-paradise’, lies a country in the shadows, seemingly hungry for violence and hell-bent on proving Darwin right.

Survival of the fittest is everything- so the saying…

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2 thoughts on “England: Bluebells, Kebab Shops and Immigration”

  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, yes we should endeavor to remember our shared history and aim to achieve global tolerance. Best wishes, Rachle


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