A Tale of Weaknesses

I base myself on the movie, ‘Diana.’ Fact or Fantasy is not the issue here. These things cannot be 100 of one and 0 of the other.


Photo from: http://www.rogerebert.com

This tale is one of Weaknesses, in Four instances.

  • Diana herself
  • Her ‘Doctor’ friend
  • The Prince and the Royalty, and
  • The World in General!


DIANA: First, Her Plus points: Her Evident Love for Mankind, Her Crusade against ‘Landmines,’ Her Courage in speaking out against them, and Her Untiring Efforts for this, just Have to be Appreciated.

Diana had the right to get divorced*, she had the right to a Subsequent Life of Her own. Did the royal family keep her tied to the palace and denied her a private life because of its Scions? Since Diana accepted the ‘setup,’ She was Weak because she chose to have Intimate Friendships.

[*About Diana’s ‘Right’ to get Divorced: She was Entitled to it according to the Religion she followed. Personally, I do not agree with this. But more on this later.]

Consider: She lives in her husband’s and in-laws’ house, and Yet has Intimate ‘men’ friends? I don’t think the World has grown large enough to accept this. IF Diana had succeeded in removing herself from that royal orbit, establishing a separate identity and accommodations of her own, she would have been wise. That she did not is Apparent. Her carrying on with men friends in this fashion, in such situations is her Weakness.

Also, One wonders what she thought about the Effects of her ‘goings-on,’ her ‘friendships’ with the Doctor and later the Sheik, on her Children.


DIANA’S DOCTOR FRIEND: Is just one of the million doctors who are out saving lives. So nothing great here.

He had the right to Companionship, to Friendships, even with members of royal households. But how did he expect Physical Intimacy (the ‘hots,’ as it was called), in these circumstances, without consequences?

At one stage he told Diana that he could not bear the burden of the looks, the comments and the behaviour of those around him, which came about because of his closeness with her. He told her, in effect, that he did not want her in her life.

But subsequently he turned up at her place and said that he could not live without her. At a time when she was trying to adjust, and was starting anew. This, for me, is his Weakest deed. What followed threw everything out of kelter.

How much do We think before making Important Decisions, Announcements or Commitments? WHAT DRIVES US?


Let me put my thoughts on THE ROYAL FAMILY and THE WORLD in a just few words…

The first is not even concerned about the Happiness of its own Daughter in law! And the World is concerned Just about its ‘Kicks!’ It is ‘Oh-So-Bored.’




  1. Any disciple of Christ or anyone calling him/herself a Christian does not have the RIGHT to divorce, because He who is within is a greater authority than the govt. of UK that is outside.Even if the whole world body allows it, there is bound to be a prick of conscience pricking your mind, heart and soul harming it and all those who come in contact with it (them). The followers of the successors of Henry VIII (who spread themselves to the Americas, African pockets, Australia and India) are not the authority in these adulterous matters. There is THE Teacher. And I leave the judgement and the gravity of the sin to him. I am only speaking about the principle; not whether am perfect in this matter or not.

    As regards the Doctor’s statements, they are both one and the same. The first statement is only a penicillin test he administered to Diana to see if there is any negative reaction on Diana or not. When he didn’t find it, he was confident of giving the second full shot… when she was like a ship in a storm, ardently seeking a comfortable port…

    “You Pharisees, you wash the outside of the cup (giving charities with photographers all around), but inside you are rotten like whitewashed sepulchres….wash the inside first, then you will really be clean…..” – The Master.


    • My Dear Thomas, Thanks for the comment!

      When I wrote that Diana had the Right to Remarry post her Divorce, I wrote it from ‘their’ point of view. I personally do not subscribe to it. But I cannot tell a Hindu, Muslim, Non Catholic and People like that to follow ‘my’ views.

      If Your last para re pharisees is regarding me, …No comments! 🙂



      • We can AND SHOULD tell every Non-Catholic CHRISTIAN………NO,,…the reference wasn’t to you in particular… it was against those you considered as good because they were charitable… What is the use of my giving you Rs.100/- after taking Rs.500/- as bribe?? There will be many who know about my accepting bribe and when they find my name in the temple trust and church committee, they will be scandalised only at first; then they will make me their role model. (I always wonder what the soldiers talked among themselves when King David sent them to find out who Bathsheba was, again, when they went to bring her by force out of her husband’s own house; again when they escorted the raped lady back to her house and especially while returning…And, again, while going to convey the news to her that her husband had been killed in war by the enemies (when they knew that actually King David had him killed)…..all of them demoralised by a holy man, a righteous King….) The so called ‘righteous’ people made David’s army generals into tyrants (Joab, Abhishai, et al) whom Solomon had to kill on the instructions of his father David.. because David did not have the guts to do that….. That is why Our Lord told the Pharisees of his days (and also applicable to the ‘Pharisees’ of today) that thugs and prostitutes will enter the Kingdom of Heaven before they do…..


  2. Once again Thank You for Your comments, Thomas.

    As for that We ‘SHOULD tell every Non-Catholic CHRISTIAN,’ about Our Viewpoint… Which Educated one does Not know it? There is also the point of Striking the Iron ‘Only’ when it is Hot. Casting Your Bread upon Waters, etc.

    Agree with Your viewpoint on Pharisees, and I have written Extensively on this.

    About: ‘It was against those you considered as good because they were charitable.’ In ‘this’ post?

    Warm Regards. 🙂


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