The Way to Happiness! [ Updated ]


Hello, Folks, I consider this a Very Important Post!


There are But Two Steps to Happiness:

1.DECIDE to be Happy! This Deciding to be Happy is a Most Important thing.

This means, saying something like this to Oneself: ‘Whatever life throws at me, I shall Remain Happy! Like, Why should We lose Our Happiness just because Somebody’s Bile is Acting Up? 🙂


Representative image; from the Internet.

Am not exactly sure Why the person had put Mr. Grumpy along with those Cows. Thought of Cropping it, but then… Liked the Idea of the Cow saying ‘Moo to You too,’ though am not sure this is what the artist had in mind!

Say that, or something like that, and Get Along with Your Life! Though I would Seriously Suggest that You say the Moo to him/her by Your Lonesome, though this is Not Necessary.


2.Happiness comes from Knowing that one has Done the Right thing, and Done it Properly and Well.

The ‘Other’s’ acknowledgement is Absolutely unnecessary for this. MOST people are Apathetic. If Our happiness were to depend on their ‘smiling back,’ We would get nowhere. Because Most people are lost in their own worlds, do not even notice a smile, and thus cannot acknowledge it.

So. We Do the Right thing. Whether or not it is Acknowledged or Appreciated depends on the Strength or the Weakness of the Other! 🙂


Extended family sitting outdoors smiling

Here We have the Satisfaction of Having Been Loved, seen in the faces of All the Children, and the Satisfaction of Having Loved. Photo from Internet.


There can be a Problem in this. Having done the Right things, We could still be Anxious or Unhappy.

If We were to Keep Dwelling on our good deeds, that might make Us Bloat up like a Frog, which We do not want!

But at the End of the Day, If We would just ‘Recall’ that We Have Decided to be Happy, and that We Have done Well according to Our Values., and make this a Habit… We will Remain Happy.

To Really REMAIN Happy, to Happiness a PERMANENT State, Please peruse my post on the subject, for which Please click here.


11 thoughts on “The Way to Happiness! [ Updated ]”

    1. If You want my Real opinion, Rajiv, of what use is g h when the Ganges remains dirty, the politicos are eating up all the money, 3 year old’s are getting raped in their schools?

      Doing the Right thing. The Only Answer. And Only Doing it would give us the memory that We have done it.

      Regards. 🙂


  1. I couldn’t agree more about your comments on the politicos part. Same over here where I live. ٩(×̯×)۶ But for change to take place, we have to keep on doing the right thing. Pat(ricia) (❛‿❛✿̶̥̥)

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  2. Well spoken Swamiyesudas. We have now and that’s about it. I try to appreciate the moment and I agree with
    Rajiv about a little humor going a long way. Sadly, here in the ameriKKKa, there’s not much to be happy about and the thought of my country bring about the nuclear extermination of our Planet causes me some grief. Donald Trumpf worries the bejeepers out of me. Bui what will be will be and is best left for another day. Not this day.

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    1. Thank You, my Dear Donzo, for those thoughts. Yes, We DO have the Now.

      My knowledge of anything outside of India is dependent on what I hear and read.

      But what I see is that Nobody goes to russia to settle there, nor even to china, and a hundred more like that. We could say it is because of the glitter. So what prevents those who don’t care for the glitter or the policies from going and settling in other countries?

      With the ISIS and N Korea on the horizons, and the badly built atomic plants of India, – mostly russian design and engineering, I do NOT think the world is going to go up with the US as the guilt party.

      Oh, sure, it is sad that there is nobody to trump trump. But then We have our politicos, each one an ogre, demons in human form.

      So there! 🙂 …Affectionate Regards. Yesudas.

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