Joke of the day – We don’t need You

Exactly! One has to Start with First things First! 🙂

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There’s a group of scientists who decided that humans could do without God. So one of them looked up to God and said, “We’ve decided that we no longer need You. We have enough wisdom to clone people and do many miraculous things,”

God listened patiently and then said, “Very well, let’s have a man-making contest. We’ll do it just like I did back in the old days with Adam.” The scientists agreed and one of them bent down and picked up a handful of dirt. God looked at him and said, “No! You have to make your own dirt!”

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  1. I love this one about not needing god any more . How we as people find reasons for everything without looking Into the eyes of life first. Sometime this is to oblivious, to simple. The more complex the better we need someone to speak an authority. The answers are so simple just look Into the eyes of life and then you’ll know…


    • First of all, sheldon, I will have to learn ‘your’ english to understand and to know you. Am not able to understand whether you are ‘for’ needing God, or against it.
      The joke is on those who deny the Existence or the Need for God.
      Regards. 🙂


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