02 Sex, and Dating

This series on Sex is in Response to one Annie’s https://aedmonds315.wordpress.com/

Her comments are in Red. Mine in Black.

That’s great, No panties, bra’s, Wow, India is more advanced then I thought it was. But if it’s about the cost I can see that. The point of Matching the panties and pretty bra’s is to take care of yourself like u did when you were dating. To wear some make up and not just grab that old pair of panties and non matching bra. To take the time to think about what your partner would like to see you in.

My Dear S, Thank You for the comment.

It would seem that You have Not been much inside my Site. As I have said there, I am a Sannyasi, a Catholic Priest, and as such a Celibate, by Choice. It is Not because I do not Appreciate Sex or because of any difficulties.

But People Share and Consult the Most Extraordinary things with people like me.

In India, Dating is Unknown, and is Not practised! Except in the Tribal belts of Central India. Even there, it does not take the form of ‘Dating.’

I have Never ‘Dated.’

I am also nearly 70 years old. I have Heard and Read about Dating. But Dating, some 40-50 years ago, did not ‘Automatically’ end in Sex. So there was No question of Matching the Bra and the Panties.

Dating gave one the Opportunity of Enjoying the Company/Companionship of a Woman/Girl, and Vice Versa, Coming to Know the Other Sex, etc.

The Idea of 13 year old’s going out on Dates and those things ending up with sex is Modern Foolishness.


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