Books, bozo’s, and pigheads…REALLY???

Very Good post, this.

Agree with Most of the things mentioned, except that ‘Being Opinionated without Studying, or Learning in Depth about an Issue,’ Is Not limited to the West. We have Plenty of that in India.

As for: ‘talk for an hour and barely hear one coherent sentence that is worth repeating,’ MUCH of that is done by Indian politicos. And the Sad thing is, there are people who not only listen to it, but believe what they say!

‘News’ and its blather do form ‘Know-it-All’ attitudes.

At the same time, the Modern trend in India is: ‘I have Studied (at college) for umpteen number of years, (whereas my parents have not), and so, I know enough and more.’

MUCH of the so called college education in India is horrible. Students are ‘pushed’ through. If they fail the courses, it is considered that the college is a poor one!

With ‘that’ sort of situation, youth, having ‘studied’ for a few years, consider themselves experts even on subjects like Psychology and Life.

But they are ‘Regular’ contributors(!) to Facebook and Twitter! 🙂

Kudos to Ken for this Great post!

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ Yesterday I was sitting at coffee with a friend of mine and the person sitting next to us interjected into the conversation, “I totally disagree with what you’re saying!” he said

In his mid-forties, the man did not like my belief that it’s important to study an issue before arriving at a strong opinion,

It seems to me that a lot of people become extremely opinionated about things they know very little about and that they’ve spent next to no time studying” I said

I don’t need to study data or read research studies to know everything there is to know about a subject!” he fired back, “You’re just a stupid pigheaded liberal” he said

I’m not sure what made me chuckle the most, the fact that the silly little subject we were discussing was about STOP signs…

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