A Friend to the Homeless: Interview with Dennis Cardiff

DENNIS CARDIFF’s Blog, and a book having the same name, http://gottafindahome.wordpress.com had impressed me, and I had shared his writing and reblogged about his book.

Today I came to this post, an Excellent, and Very Inspiring one.
Dennis is a person with ‘polio at the age of eighteen months and six major surgeries, one hundred and fifty stitches, over a period of sixty-seven years.’

With ‘that,’ he has accomplished So much, that his name would be counted with Abou Ben Adhem.

My Salutations to Dennis. I Encourage You my Friends to Buy his book, as he donates its income for the Homeless.

My Hearty Regards and Congratulations to Susan Rowland for her excellent interview and post.

Treat Yourself to a Journaling Adventure

dennis cardiff author smaller size

Once in a while you come across a couple of bloggers who really catch your attention. You wait eagerly for the next installment.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Dennis Cardiff, an extraordinary listener. His blog is Gotta Find A Homeand his new book by the same title:Gotta Find a Home, Conversations with Street People, is coming out soon. Check out the give-away and promos for it.

I found out how talented and modestDennis is after he agreed to do an interview. He is also aserious artist! Added to his art and writing,Cardiff also isa poet. His own story is one that inspires compassion and motivation.

Here is the interview:

SR: What got you started in writing?

DC: My first wife was a poet. She got me interested in writing. I wrote mostly poetry at that time. I became a voracious…

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