On These Dunces We Depend for Justice

Two judges, (stop calling them justices), of the ‘HI’ court of India, have said that if a man has forced sex with a woman after her menopause, it is not Rape.

My tweets on that:

1 MOST Asinine! #courts may have to look up this word. But they can easily do it, as they found words like ‘forcible.’

2 #courts, dealing in english, a foreign langg, would understandably have diffs. But must they so blatantly show their ignorance?

3 So for #courts, forced sex post menopause is not Rape. Do the Idiots think it is Rape only if it can end with Pregnancy?

4 #courts Let us Stop calling these Lame Brains ‘justices.’

5 #judgepradeepnandrajog n #judgemuktagupta: If I force myself on your wives after their menopause, I would not be guilty, would I?





    • Thank You, Linda! As You say, it is sick, and it should have been punished. But those who should have done that are, as We see, not only Dullards, but also seem to be Extremely Corrupt. Regards.


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