Peter Nena’s ‘Soulless’ is not exactly my Genre. Though I believe in the existence of the evil spirit, You will find that I stick very much to ‘Reality!’
As I was going through Peter Nena’s blog after he had given me a like, I came to this story.
I will say this about Peter: He Writes Well.
For those interested in Fantasy and tales of the supernatural, this is recommended.

Demogorgon's Fiction


There was a place in Karen where the Devil sometimes came through to Nairobi. It was an open field of about a quarter of an acre with a few tall trees, sporadic thickets, and patches of stunted grass. The trees and the thickets had yellow, sickly leaves and the grass was mostly burnt. But a building usually appeared there just moments before the Devil stepped out of a wall. It was an enormous building and it disappeared as soon as the Devil was gone.

I had thought once that perhaps I should set traps there with massive chains, hooks and barbed wires—or even with a modified rat trap intended for something his size—and catch him unawares and torture him until he surrendered my soul. But I did not know what could hold him. He was a gigantic thing, and as heartless as only he could be. If he overcame…

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