Day 255 In the Pursuit of Love (IIAW Sarah’s Artistry)

HEARTY Kudos, Indeed, to Sarah and to Colleen, in speaking out against the foolishness of Artificial scents. Add to that the thought that their manufacturers put in horrible things in them.

For me, it is Not only scents.

MORE THAN THAT is the Idea that so many people go in for ‘make-up.’ What am I supposed to love? The artificial You or the Real You? I would Love the Real You, and Not what comes out of small bottles.

Going back to scents, in India, ‘aping’ the West, poor women have such horrible ‘scents’ thrust upon them, that You would bring up.

Let us go back to Nature. Nature is Beautiful, and the Body is Beautiful.

Life in the City with a Future


(In Sarah’s words)

I drew this piece for my friend Colleen because of a conversation we had on her blog some time ago.  She had mentioned that a friend had told her that she smelled nice and wondered what perfume she was wearing.  Colleen told her friend that she was in fact not wearing any products whatsoever.  I joked that she should bottle her smell and sell it as “Eau de Colleen”.

I almost deleted this piece and started on a different design because I thought people might be repulsed by the idea of celebrating Colleen’s natural smell.  Then I thought maybe that’s something we need to tackle.  Why might we feel disgusted by a person’s natural smell?  Is it because we’ve been trained to think that people only smell nice when they’re wearing artificial fragrance?  The perfume companies like to persuade us that beautiful people wear their products. …

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