Terrorism, and Christianity


I Dream of a World that would be Absolutely Free of Wars. That may be in the Very distant future. In the meantime… Terrorism is a word that is often Misunderstood.

Howmuchever We want Peace, there would always be people like putin and saddam hussein, who would never be satisfied. saddam invaded Kuwait, and putin, as of even this moment, is in the process of invading Ukraine. What else can stop these dogs but armies? Thus the Soldier seems to become a Necessary evil.

But a Soldier fights Only against another Soldier. If Civilians get caught in the Cross-fire, or a foolish 14 year-old pops up during a gun battle, the Soldier is Not to blame, and that is Not Terrorism.

Two aspects have to be there before a violent act could be called Terrorism: The Target and the Purpose.

  • The Target has to be a Civilian, or Civilians. Non Military personnel.
  • The Purpose has to be to Intimidate and Force the Administration into doing something that the culprits want.

Let us take some examples.

A Soldier going berserk and gunning down many of his colleagues is Not a Terrorist. A Mentally affected, dissatisfied person killing children in a school is Not a Terrorist. These are Crimes, Definitely, but Not Terrorism.

putin sending tanks into Ukraine is Not T. Even if it erupts into a War, it would Not be T. That is a Invasion.

Long years ago, members of  a particular community in India, had got into Buses and Shot and Killed passengers. Just like that. I am Not saying that they represented that particular community. The Issue had been Sharing of River waters. The Central Administration of India had decreed that a certain amount of water had to be let out, to be available for the neighbouring state. This particular  community had thought that they could force the hand of the Administration into changing that order by such killing. They wanted the Whole of the river’s water. The Idea was that the People would Plead with the Administration to give in to their demands. It can be seen that the two aspects of T are present here.


The attacks in Mumbai in 2008, particularly at the Railway station is a perfect example of a Terrorist attack, as We see in the photograph above. Civilians were targeted, and the purpose had been to get the Indian Administration to give in to political issues. Picture from the Internet.

I hold that Holding up of Trains, Uprooting Railway tracks, Setting Fire to Buses; and Bank employees, Doctors, and Trade unionists going on strike, also to be acts of Terrorism, albeit of a Different Intensity.


Militia, of both Muslim, and so-called Christian groups in the Central African Republic have been Killing Civilians, including Women and Children. This is Grade A Terrorism.

Let me come to the Christian part now.

When I was studying Theology some 30+ years ago, as far as I remember, in the Catholic Church, it is Canon Law (the law of the church), that A priest At the Confessional trying to get a Woman to have sex with him is Automatically Excommunicated* (then and there).


There should be laws in the church for Terrorists. A person Willingly and Habitually indulging in Terrorism should be Excommunicated Automatically. That person should…

Lose the right to Receive Communion, above all. There should also be the law that a Terrorist, even if he had been Baptised and been a member of a church, cannot call himself a Christian any more.

This should be announced from all the pulpits in No Uncertain terms.

Of course We do not have laws like this at this present time. If I were Pope, I would promulgate this, and other similar interesting laws. All those in favour of making me pope may please register their Vote within the bracket that follows: ( ). Hahahahaha!


* I googled this. I find that there are differences between what I had been taught or what I remember, and… Canon Law. To see those points, please click here.


I wrote this post after reading:



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