Do You Worry About What People Think?

I think it is a Very Important Question that Alaina raises, namely:

Do We Worry about What people think of us?

Sharing from my life, I recall that I was Worried about Not being ‘Liked.’ Today, having noticed that Dozens of People Like me, that Worry has become something of the past.

The Worry about What people Think about Us needs a Different Solution.

Being 67 years Young, and having seen Much, I have noticed that EVERYBODY is a Big bundle of Worries, Fears, Shame, and Many Failures.

There are Just a Handful of ‘True Achievers.’ Examples: Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Alva Edison. During our own lifetimes, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela. [Imagine people burying You neck deep in the ground, and Urinating on Your face, Just to let You know what they think of You!] The above named went through all the glitches, came up good, but above all, Did Not Look Down on Others.

Surprisingly, the World, and by that I mean those who have Not Achieved Much, seem to ‘Like’ looking Down on Others.

I suppose it is their Natural Reaction to their Own Situation.

The Great Do Not Think Badly of Others. If somebody thinks poorly about Us, that person is Not one of the Greats. Why Worry about his/her opinion?!

One of my Friends has a Great Name for these ‘Non-Greats.’ Namely, Small People! Let us Stop worrying about the opinions of Small people. Worrying about What people think of Us is Useless. I Never Do.

We Can become at least 60% People! Then We shall not be part of the ‘small people.’ And The Way to do that is, Ignore What People Think, and Keep Doing What is Right.

5 thoughts on “Do You Worry About What People Think?”

  1. I like thinking of it the way you say above…and I think, if I myself work on not judging others, I will in that process relieve myself of the fear of being judged. How liberating it is to revel in the beauty of other people and their funny idiosyncrasies!

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  2. Your words are beautiful and true, Swamiyesudas. Your words touch my heart.

    I, too, an in my 60s. I have experienced many things in my lifetime, great joys and terrible sorrows. As I look back over my life, I realize that the worst pain I have ever experienced was the pain of rejection, the pain of being judged as “not good enough.”

    Today I believe that each human being, regardless of their station in life, is infinitely more valuable than all of the riches in the world. Today I believe that we do not have to be beautiful or brilliant, wealthy or famous, greatly talented or even “sane,” to be worthy.

    Through the hardships and joys of my lifetime, I have learned this one truth: We only need to BE, to be worthy.

    I have a 22-year-old granddaughter who will soon graduate from college. She spent several weeks of this past summer in your country, studying your culture. My granddaughter is engaged to marry someone from India, who is currently a college student here in the USA. They met in college.

    My granddaughter is going places and doing things that I could only dream about when I was her age. She is a lovely and intelligent young woman, standing on the threshold of what I hope will be a wonderful life.

    My granddaughter has a yoiunger brother. Her brother, my grandson, has been severely mentally and physically handicapped from birth. Although my grandson is now 17, his mind is like that of a 2 year old. But my grandson is no less wonderful and he is no less worthy than my smart and beautiful granddaughter. My grandson is pure love, sweet, innocent, and Holy. When I hold him in my arms I feel in my heart that I am holding a piece of heaven. I feel no less honored to be his grandmother than I am to be the grandmother of his college-student sister.

    Thank you for reblogging my humble post. Blessings to you on the other side of this strange and amazing planet.


    1. Thank You for writing, Alaina! Kind of You.

      Thank You also for sharing about Your grandchildren. Hope Your granddaughter has a happy life.

      About Your grandson. Yes, such children are Blessed.

      It is nothing physical that makes somebody small.

      Love and Regards, to You and all the family.


    1. Thank You, my Dear. Those words were tough to write. It seems as though I/We do not Care about part of the World. …We do not care about their ‘Opinions,’ but Care For Them and About them. Love and Regards. 🙂


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