On the so-called nehru dynasty

It is True that the congress thinks that by using nehru’s name it will get more votes. Watching ISL football these days, am absolutely surprised at the number of stadiums in India that have the nehru family name.

But congress should know that all people remember about them is their corruption.

The nehru family, like indira-rajiv-sonia-rahul have Not made it into Dynasty politics. Our so called chosen leaders in the congress have chosen these to lead them. The nehru family did not put chains on their throats to choose them.

We would be Fools if we think that bjp or any party (except AAP) is any better. bjp relies on modi, takes the name of sardar vallabhbhai patel and shivaji, etc, to get its votes.

There is NO Difference between congress and bjp.


The 14th of November was jawaharlal nehru’s birthday. congress is trying to use this opportunity to get some more votes on nehru’s name. On the other hand, other parties, (most probably the bjp, who else?), are trying to malign his name, to counter congress’ moves.

The following pictures are posted for what they are worth. I could not make much sense of the one on J nehru’s father. Both graphics from Facebook.

nehru a

nehru b


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