Christian cemeteries, and Two countries

There is So much talk about making India clean. …About Christian Cemeteries. Found a picture of one from England, which I am sharing. It has such a Peaceful look, and Clean, and even has a Bench, which has not been vandalized or carried away!

cemetery england

I dare not post one of Indian cemeteries. Very sadly, people use them in India to deposit Raw Potatoes.

Picture credit:


    • Somehow, I do not believe ‘that,’ my Dear Amoa! The continents have drifted, earth quakes were there, bombs have fallen, bull dozers removed earth!

      But for all that, they somehow hold memories, and at least as they represent the Departed in the People’s mind, the places need respect.


    • I would be stoned, by dear Rajiv! I am not ready for that before finishing my Novel! Haha! 🙂

      PS: What about our ‘Toilets,’ particularly in Bus Stations in places like Tamil Nadu? 😦


    • Thank You, Chris, for that response. It is sad if those thefts take place. But I am talking of Ugliness. North India to South India, many, many people indeed, (Mostly Non Christians), use the cemeteries as a Toilet.


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