Achieving Optimal Health, Wellness And Weight Loss With Yoli

First I thought that this is a post by ‘Taking the Mask Off,’ and maybe it is! The profile picture looks similar.

More Importantly, I thought, Who can read 3,500 odd words. Yet I had liked the Intro, so I went into the post.

And I found it surprisingly Readable, with lots of photographs.

Above all, it has points about Health, which made Sense to me.

For Indians like me, it would be very difficult to get products of Yoli, or the many other things suggested there.

But from the site, on one of the suggested links, I found that we can easily make Alkaline Water. There too, the kind person forgot to mention just How much Water is for the recommended half a teaspoon of Baking soda.

But I have decided to ask my chemist for products, and am going to try the Baking Soda thing, using half a teaspoon for 1 litre. If You people can suggest something here, it would be Most Welcome.

So, Here goes! To a Healthier life for All of Us, and let thank ‘The Island Traveler’ for the post. 🙂

This Man's Journey

“When we truly love someone, we share and support their dreams no matter how long it takes, where ever it takes. We will face with courage their fears, sickness, uncertainties, hardships, obstacles, challenges and sacrifices to achieve the dreams they are most passionate about. Their dream becomes our dream. Their hope becomes our hope. Their faith becomes our faith. Their heart becomes our heart. Their change becomes our change.”

Your Better Body Challenge

Two years ago, not only did I look and feel heavy at 194 pounds but I was neglecting my health and total well-being. I worked so many grave yard hours, deprived myself of sleep at night while loading myself with caffeine during the day to stay awake, habitually eat and binge on unhealthy food rich in carbs, sugar, salt and fats, drenched myself with stress, worries and anxiety, stopped exercising and being active. I was slowly losing interest in my physical…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I’m glad I decided to change my health habits and lifestyle for the past two years and even more in the past 2 months. I always knew I was having a lot of unhealthy symptoms and just kept denying it. I’m always grateful for waking up one day. It’s never too late to begin and start fresh with our optimal health goals, body, heart, mind, spirit.

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