No Shadow Boxing, Please

With Paul, I say, “I fight, not like someone shadow boxing.” 1 Corinthians 9:26, NET. The TEV puts the same things as: “I am like a Boxer who does Not Waste his Punches.” I Myself would put it as: “I Do Not Pull my Punches!” [Note: The NET, TEV, KJV, etc, are various translations of the Bible.]

If We are Attacked, We Can Either Fight or Flee. That is Elementary, of course.

It can very well be said that a Christian must turn his other cheek. Sure. Right. Of course. First class.

But what if I am a father/brother/husband, and my family is with me, and They are being attacked? Or if Somebody Totally Unconnected to me is being attacked, what do I do? Say a prayer and keep moving? 


We might have been Wimps and Nincompoops in our life. But to be that All our life? No, That cannot be allowed.

And if We are going to Fight, We just Cannot do it as they do in the funny, comical WWE. If We fight like that, We would just get Reamed. If We involve Ourselves in Shadow Boxing, Keep Pulling our Punches or Waste them, or Fool around as they do in WWE, the person We were trying to protect would get raped, and maybe We would, too.

The evil minded are Raping Us and the Life of Our Future Generations, through the field of politics, courts, police force, and even the field of Sports. We have to Fight them, not with Punches, Sword or Bullet. We have to do so  by Our Pens, the Computer and the Cell phone.

The supreme taste of a 1,000 dollar meal would be lost within minutes. Can You Remember the Sensations, the Ecstasy, of Your last Orgasm? The Pleasures of these live Only in the Moment. But if We have Fought for the Future of Our Children, However Bungling the Fight might have been, that Memory is Sweet Indeed, and Lasting.

Few of Us would be called to get involved in Physical fighting. But there is another World out there. The World of Corruption, which is As Surely Raping the Well being of Our Children. Our Parents did not have the Forum, the Opportunity or the Means to Fight Injustice. We have it. In and Through Blogs, the Facebook postings and twitter.

There are Millions of Good-hearted People on the Internet. Just Why have We Not got the Necessary things Trending, as they say in twitter?

James Head vs. Nick Ring

This is how they fight in the UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championships. This is Real Fighting. Let us Not say that this is Gory, and that We do not want to see this. This is Less Bloody than a Rape. Picture from Internet.

Over to You. And, by the way, Do Not Pull Your Punches. Let their faces become red. Let them lose Sleep and Appetite after reading Your posts. That would encourage them to Change. I Repeat:

Over to You, Dear Folks! Join me in Fighting the evil minded, in the field of politics, the courts, the police force, and even the field of Sports! 🙂


    • Hello, Kalisha! Thank You for writing. …As I start writing to You on this, am getting so many ideas that I am going to make it a separate post, named: ‘Violence and the Christian.’

      And YOU are the Inspiration for that. Thanks and Love. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hello, Kalisha! It is Nice to be in Conversation with You. Thank Your for Your Time and the Comment.

        The article has crossed the 2,500 word mark in two days, and I believe I have written almost all of what I wanted to say. But I want to edit it, if possible take down a 1,000 words or so, before posting it.

        Because of that my Responding to the Notifications was getting delayed! So I have taken a little rest from the article! Haha!

        Love and Regards. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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