So, Once again it is AIBA, and once again in Korea!

Korea is hosting some boxing this time, under the aegis is AIBA. Seeing that it is in South Korea, I should not, and even would Not have had second thoughts about that. I even have a friend over there.

Scant months ago, AIBA, in Korea, had got Egg All over its Face, over the Criminally Unjust-decision to Sarita Devi, Indian Boxer. This is the only one instance of a Wrong decision I am going to quote. But do We need two 9/11’s, two Water-gates, or two atom bombs?

It would have been the Easiest of things for this abcd, I mean aiba, to have apologized and reversed the decision. Instead of doing that, they are bull-dozing their way, and have got the Nincompoopian Boxing association of India into penalizing the Boxer.

Refereeing, and Judging, particularly in Sports, is difficult. One does accept that. And No one minds close decisions. But in the case of Sarita Devi, the error in judgement was Blatant. So much so, that Sarita’s opponent was both surprised and embarrassed by the decision.


Sarita Bashes her opponent. This was the story of the fight. Picture from:

What had happened, iaba? Had korea asked you to push that particular boxer of theirs through? Was it politics, money or blackmail that induced you to act thus? And you gave in?


Let us Come to Apology. One does not demand it for personal satisfaction.

With an Apology, One is More Sure of getting Better Decisions and Action in the Future. This is the Purpose of Apology.

IABA has not apologized. The last time I had called it Despicable, which is the strongest one can go by way of Parliamentary language. But this time time I go further, and I say, I Spit on them.

On the Subject of such, what can be called Viciousness on my part, here is my next post, namely, No Shadow Boxing, Please.

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