Citizens, politicians, Ineffective police, …In Real Life

Below is a REAL LIFE Account of one Gopika, as she shared it in Facebook. It came under: 92.7 BIG FM Balaji‘s photo. I have made her paragraphs smaller, and have formatted it a little for easier read.


Yesterday, My mom and I, were returning home from Chennai in kanyakumari express (12633) in 2nd A/C coach, we boarded the train at Tambaram. There was this group of men(around 5 or 6 men) who were already seated in our adjoining cabin. By their dressing and their manner of speech we assumed they where some local politicians. As soon As the train left the station these people closed the curtains and started to consume alcohol right there, without any shame or even the slightest guilt that there were kids in the train. The T.T.E* (whose name I do not know, as he was not wearing his coat or his ID) turned a blind eye to this.

There was a young lady with her little daughter seated in the side berth of that same cabin, to whom these people kept offering food(so we obviously assumed that she was their relative, and was travelling with them).But soon she moved to our cabin asking if she could please stay here as she wasn’t feeling comfortable there. On enquiring further she told us that like the camel in the dessert story, these people had occupied her berth and had asked her to move to the side berth which wasn’t even theirs, and when she asked the T.T.E to help her out he just said that she’ll have to talk it out with those drunken idiots and not bother him.

Drunk politicos on train

So my mom and I ,we secretly took pictures of them drinking and also called up railway helpline and railway police authorities.Eventually at Vilipuram railway station S.I. Pon Balasubramaniam** came in, He in all his authority just scolded us for complaining to the helpline and just told that those people won’t create any problems and when I demanded some solid action he said that we’ll have to go with him and write an official complaint and only then will he take action.(Yeah sure, My mom and I, two ladies travelling alone should get down at an unknown station and miss the train so that the culprits can go on and cause problems).And the most frustrating part was that he didn’t even bother to warn those people or even talk to them.

So, once again we called up the helpline (the lady on the phone was very sympathetic towards our situation) who told us to write an official complaint and using that they will de-board the offenders. This time the T.T.E understanding the weight of the situation offered us help, and even provided seating arrangement for that lady and her kid ,and also he obliged to my demand to give the offenders seat numbers so that I can file it in my official complaint. Initially, He gave us just 4 numbers then when we probed further he gave us the rest.

And so at Viruthachalam, railway police arrived and even this time they just got the complaint letter from us and left. Not a word was spoken to the culprits.

Those men having understood that we couldn’t do anything to them even after our hardest efforts just kept laughing at us, at our helplessness. And all of us, the ones who dared to raise our voice against the wrong had to spend a restless night worried that they might hurt us in retaliation. And to top it all off, these worthless idiots had the courage to consume alcohol at the crack of dawn once again and scream proudly that they can’t be hurt or punished.

I am someone who had this unshakable belief in justice that no matter what happens justice will always win. But the indifference shown by the T.T.E, the SI and other police officials has made me question my beliefs. In an era where we can get almost everything at the click of the mouse or touch of a button, I felt so helpless. We can “Be the change”, but if there is no effect who will be ready to act???

– Gopika


* A T.T.E. is a Travelling ticket examiner, an official of the Indian Railways.

** An S.I. is a sub inspector, an officer of the Indian police force.


  1. This makes me feel so helpless, there was a similar situation at the government school that I used to volunteer part time. There was a dance teacher who taught Bharatnatyam at the nearby private school and we had hired him too because the kids were very interested to learn dance, but after a few months (1-2) many o the kids made excuses and dropped out. On enquiring the reason for the same we found out that this guy comes to the classes drunk at times and would touch the little girls inappropriately. On knowing this we confronted him, however all that he said was a sorry (mumble it was) and walked out.
    On knowing that he taught the other few schools nearby too where such incidents could take place too, we tried to file a police complaint against him and circulate that he was not of good character in the nearby schools so that the other kids wouldn’t have to face the same, we tried to talk to the child care 108 about this too but the only response that we got was, “Madam, warning you have given na? Its okay, enough it is.”
    Where are the people when you need them to act on such things? So much for keeping women and children safe from abuse!


    • Thank You for sharing this. May I suggest and ask You to do a few more things?

      …Please go to the other schools where this fellow might be going and inform them.

      When You go to places like Child Care, go along with a few of Your friends. Numbers matter.

      Finally, Why don’t You join AAP? It is an extremely inexperienced party, but good. I am a member, by the way.


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      • We did distribute pamphlets with this guys face and his characteristics at other schools and discouraged them to hire him. We did go to child line 108’s office with 5 people, other co-fellows and still no impact.
        Lastly on AAP, its not very active in Hyderabad, I did meet a woman who was a part of AAP in a share auto and we exchanged numbers but that was it…

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      • This is All Excellent, my Dear! Ideal!

        For Impact, I would say from Experience, things, particularly Good things, move at Snail’s pace. That is because Good People are Lazy and Inactive. I am not saying this about You, of course. You and I are among the Active ones.

        As for AAP, that is what I had said. They think that working in and around Delhi would be enough. The cells in other states are filled with people with self interest. But still, because of its thoughts, AAP remains the best choice.

        Maybe YOU should become More active in AAP, getting more and more people to see its views!

        Last, but not least, am Very disappointed that You hide Yourself. No name. No details. For me, that is No Courage. Take up this challenge.

        Love and Blessings.

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      • Maybe true but I’m a loner, have only 3 friends and I’m A-okay with it, majorly because I’m slightly selfish of my time and I have enough problems and things to do in a day, getting pulled into other’s problems leaves me exhausted….

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