Farida Ma’am and Rohan

Here is a Very moving and personal account of the Tragedy that struck the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. Where one thinks it as the Home-away-from-home of the Very Rich, one of the Simple, Hard working staff is struck down, bringing further tragedy into two more lives, and claims one more in one year.

I consider Kasab, who was a Very young man, as a Brain-Washed Victim himself. Indian police had their Fill of Torturing this Hapless Young Man.

But those who planned, trained and sent him, they live Comfortable lives. To change all this, Relentless and Untiring Effort is Needed from Every Good Citizen.

wandering story teller

Farida Ma’am was a Parsi and one of the nicest and kindest women I have ever come across till date, she was Ma’s colleague school. Her husband was a chef with Taj Hyderabad and that did have its perks for the rest of us too. The amazing delectable cookies that he would bake and the scrumptious spread of food at parties always made her home, the place to go.

For Farida Ma’am, all the kids were either sweetie pies or cutiepies or dumpling pies. She was an amazing teacher with a much envied sense of humor; never did she once scold the kids who didn’t perform well in studies. She believed that each child was unique in their own way and good scores in exams were not the only thing to live and die for.

Rohan was Farida Ma’am’s only son and was pampered to no extent. Since his dad…

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    • Unfortunately, a whole, and large section of the world, takes it young, and teaches them its own ideas, particularly communal, and it is of Brain washing levels.

      A person is responsible for his actions ONLY when he UNDERSTANDS FULLY WITH HIS BRAIN. Brainwashing, particularly done from young ages, counters that.

      Hence, Poor Kasab.


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