A look behind the scenes of the dysfunctional Mental Health System

Brother T has written, Powerfully, of how Many People are Victims of


Most of Us look ‘Down’ upon them, Worse, We simply Ignore them.

Lots of VALUES are Involved in this: As presented here, one, people who

do not ‘Bother’ about How their children are growing up, and two, people

for whom Money is Enough.



In North India, generally, (catholic) Priests (and Nuns) Constantly

Visit Families, All Families. This is particularly True in what is known

as the ‘Adivasi belts,’ Jharkhand, Madhya Pradseh, Chhattisgarh, etc.

A (Spiritual) Leader visiting them, on a Normal and Regular basis,

irrespective of money in the bank or position, gives the People a Sense

of Self Worth. And Values are Instilled, without many words getting


A politician does not even Think of Values. Only Religious Leaders can

Teach that.

What has happened is that catholics, especially in India, opening N-u-

m-e-r-o-u-s schools, where Values could and should have been taught,

fell prey to giving the Children Watered down, Bookish morals, and that

too Just for Exams.

We have become what my Father used to call ‘Educated’ Fools!

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  1. We live in a society with so many numb and blind to the suffering of others. Many live in luxury and excess while their next neighbor got no food, shelter, medication, basic necessities to go by. No matter how modern our times is, we should never forget to instill the right values to our children. Kindness, respect, humility, generosity, honesty, goodness , these are just some of the priceless gifts we can share to our kids and their generation. Thanks for sharing this post. Opens our eyes to the truth and reality.

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