Hello, Everybody!

Just staying in touch! Hope and Pray You and Yours are All Keeping Well.

As for me, Not Bad! My computer is playing up again. Can’t blame it. A Laptop, it is the very kind gift of some Friends of mine, and though second hand, my computer worked Very hard for me, as much as 12 to 15 hours a day, for about 6 years! Now she seems to be Dying on me, shutting down as many as 9 times, byΒ itself, in the last some 20 days!

As for the pagesΒ I open, I do not know if it is the problem of the Sites of a Virus, though I pay and use Norton 360. Can’t give a Like, – a funny, small window opens on the side, and disappears. The only thing it does is to Frighten me! Can’t give a Reblog! And my posts page is Not Updating!

I Wisely (Haha!) disconnected my External Hard disk, in which resides my Precious Novel! So, No work on that! It has grown into a Healthy Baby, though! Shall give You Excerpts, by and by.

So, If You do not hear much from me, You know Why! Regards. πŸ™‚


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