Apology Enough?

An ‘elected’ minister of India has called part of India’s Citizens as Bastards. My tweets over this.


1 bjp’s so-called #SadhviNiranjanJyoti has called a major part of India No less than Bastards. For that is what ‘Haramjade’ means.

2 #SadhviNiranjanJyoti had asked whether Delhi’ites wanted a rule of Ram’s sons or ‘HaRAMjade.’

bastards or ramjade

3 #SadhviNiranjanJyoti’s words are a clever play on Ramjade vs HaRamjade, but the difference in meaning is Colossal, a HUGE insult.

4 modi says it is enough that #SadhviNiranjanJyoti has apologized. Then WHY IT66A? Cannot these hapless ones apologize?

5 Midnight arrests for Citizens on IT66A, recall Mumbai sisters, and merry laughs for the likes of #SadhviNiranjanJyoti ?

6 modi had said #SadhviNiranjanJyoti spoke in heat of moment. Then scrap IT66A. Allow Heat of moment for Citizens too.

7 And, modi, IF I say #SadhviNiranjanJyoti should lick boots over this, and later apologize, I hope your same words will apply to me too!

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