Prime Minister Modi, Police, and Screen World

On the 2nd of this month, during talks of Improving India’s police force and its efficiency, etc, modi had said that the Indian Screen was showing the police in a poor and bad light.

On the SAME day, this picture had appeared on Facebook. WOMEN are there. All of the People are Unarmed.

police brutality fb 021214

Are Citizens Toys for the police, Instruments for their Sadistic Satisfaction and Pleasure?

As Usual, We will find that the great ministers, prime or otherwise, conveniently Do Not even See writings like mine.


    • Yeah, I know, Patri! Oh, Am sure We have all kinds of acts, rules and laws here too, including old Cornwallis’ ‘Not to know the law is the first crime,’ or something like that. And imagine Who profits by all these laws? The law makers! Also proves that Not All laws are Good. Anyway. 🙂

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