Holding my Breath and Saying Hello!

So, Hello You All! Actually, Like to be in Contact with You. But, You know…

Am not able to say Just When my Computer will decide to Shut Down! Once, it did so in Six Minutes! For a long time it used to go off every 15 minutes or so. Now, Maybe because it is ‘Colder’ at Ours, and because Computers are Cold Blooded Creatures, liking Air Conditioners and all, it is Staying on for even an Hour or Two Now!

October and November are Horrible months for me, Money-wise! My Young Friend Agnelo Fonseca bailed me out by Very kindly sending me rs. 15,000. Of that, I have some rs. 6 thou left now. Hardly enough to buy a new CPU, which is what I need! Please Do NOT think I am asking You All for Money. Just Read on!

Due to my Mom moving here and there, her Pension has been held up for quite a while. When it arrives, what with Arrears, I shall be able to get the needful, and much more.

This is Where and Why I Abhor govt workers. A bank, govt owned, of course, in Bangalore, got a Request from us for an ATM card, which they received on 18.11.14. And today it is 18.12.14, and Yet, the card has not yet arrived.

At this juncture, want to share with You another wonderful(?) instance, where a Telegram, relating to the Demise of one of our Sisters, arrived after Three Months! The astonishing thing is that it had been dispatched from Kerala, arrived at our nearest Telegraph station to Bihar in good time, and from that point to ours, which is a mere 2 Hour train journey away, took those Three months. That Sister could only Cry. (This had happened years ago).


Image from: www.livemint.com

Not only politicians, judges, high police officials, etc, are crooks. We, Ordinary Citizens, sitting in our Office Chairs, Do Have to Pull up our socks too.

…Glad my Computer did not shut down all this while! Regards and Love to You All till the next time! 🙂


  1. Sorry to hear you have run into a rough patch. I am sure with your optimistic outlook on life you will pull through 🙂 I wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday season

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    • Hello there! This is the second time I am starting to reply to You! The 1st time, the comp shut down after I had written 7 words! …Love and Regards to You, too, and Compliments of the Season! 🙂


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