Satisfied with Mediocrity 1

This post begins with the word Mediocrity, and Ends with the word: ‘Excellence.’

Practically Everybody knows that the Lindt cafe incident, after all that 13-14 (or was it 17?) hour long high drama, has ended. They had even Identified the hostage taker. He was killed along with Two of the Hostages.

australia sydney-gunman Lindt cafe

Graphic from:

WHY is Yesudas writing things We already know? The key words in the above paragraph are: ‘Along with Two of the Hostages.’ We have taken their Death As a Matter of course.

Comparatively, the Casualties at the Entebbe, which had been really Years ago, (meaning: Not so-developed technology), were of a lesser magnitude. And the Counter attack had been mounted across Countries, not in one’s own land.

I still wonder Why they had not taken out the gunman, when he could be captured on Camera, as in the graphic. It might be said that it is easy for me for write these things from the distance, from my computer, yet I say it: A Casual attitude, Mediocrity. Running around and looking busy maketh Not for Excellence. Maybe Australia was not prepared for Hostage crises.


“Whatever is Admirable–if anything is Excellent or Praiseworthy…” This quote from Philippians 4:8 (in NIV), ends with the words: ‘think about such things.’ May be that is what We do, ‘think about such things.’ And We are Satisfied. Do We Really Not know that this is No Satisfaction??? What We Should Really be doing is: ‘Strive for Excellence.’ It is a Most Satisfying Pursuit. And let us remember that Striving is Not merely Trying.

Of course, there is No such thing as ‘Perfection’ for Us, Human beings. What We Should Strive for is Excellence. And Excellence is achieved Only after suffering Bone-Breaking Tiredness, and Grey Hairs before one’s age.


If I may have Your Indulgence, Wait, there is More, in the Next post.

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