Satisfied with Mediocrity 2

Satisfied with Mediocrity? Oh, Yes, We are.

This time, let me (again!) take the case of the Indian Boxer, Sarita Devi. This lady has had to Suffer Both Injury and Insult, and that from Sanctimonious So-and-So’s, the AIBA. Not only are its judges corrupt, they defend these corrupt judges, and penalize those who dare question them.

Our Mediocrity comes here: AIBA has threatened to Ban Sarita Devi from Boxing events for Life, but have now, very ‘kindly,’ (remember, it is within inverted commas!), banned her just for a year. Most people are heaving a sigh of relief at this, that the Lady Boxer can at least participate at the next event in South America.


That is Sarita Devi in the Blue, Bashing away at her opponent All through the Match. And the AIBA declared the korean the winner! Image from Internet.

What Should be happening is to question and Challenge AIBA on its Absolutely Disgusting, Unjust and Corrupt decision against her. This should be followed by Dis-Recognizing the AIBA.

For Most of Us, Half Victories are Enough. Mediocrity.


(We) Christians are going to Celebrate Christmas, once again, of course. Cakes ordered or baked, Clothes bought, Carols sung. But Is Christ Really asking us to sing Him Lullabies?

What happened to Verses like: ” Zeal for Your House Consumes me.” (Psalm 119:139, and 69:9, my own translation. The JB comes closest to mine, it uses the word ‘Devours,’ instead of my ‘Consumes.’).

How many of Us “Hunger and Thirst for What is Right,” (Matthew 5:6, JB). Are We Sure We understand the meaning of ‘Hunger and Thirst‘?

Hungering and Thirsting for Righteousness means Fighting for Justice, and Fighting Against Injustice. If We want to fight injustices Just against Ourselves, then… Watch Out! This is what Christ Jesus says: “Why should God Reward You if You Love Only the people who love You?” Matthew 5:46, TEV.

Though I Simply Love the ‘Silent Night,’ Singing words like: ‘Son of God, Loves Pure Light,’ Do NOT Delight His Heart as much as Our Fighting for a Better World. Not by a Long Chalk.

Of Course, No Need to Believe me. We can find out Who is Right Only After We Die.


  1. Insofar as Sarita Devi is concerned, we let her down. The Indian officials were weak. The rest of us forgot about her as soon as Rohit Sharma scored 250 in a one day match. That flash in the pan got more attention than Sarita Devi, or the Indian hockey team winning the series against Australia.
    We reward the corrupt and mediocre.
    Look also, at the shamelessness of Srinivasan and the BCCI

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  2. “Why should God Reward You if You Love Only the people who love You?” Matthew 5:46, TEV.
    This is the first time I read this verse. Thanks for sharing it and that question really give me a moment to think and perhaps time to answer if I can. Have a nice day.


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