This thought, of Peace, at the Time of the celebration of the Birth of Christ, is something slightly new. Where everybody is wishing everybody else a ‘merry’ Christmas, I have thought of sharing some thoughts on Peace!


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Peace is Not exactly Unconnected with Christmas. It is said that Angels were heard singing, heralding the Birth of Jesus, as We find it in Luke 2:14.

Today I confine myself to points on one’s Personal Peace. Let me share a few versions of the Second part of the verse quoted above:

  • “Peace on earth to Those with Whom HE is Pleased.” (TEV).
  • “And on earth Peace, Good Will toward men.” (KJV).


Peace is Not the Absence of Problems. It is Not even the Absence of Turmoil or Calamities even!

Let us consider the Holy Family. Are We Ready to Accept or Concede that Mary and Joseph enjoyed Peace? Or are We going to say that their Hearts were Restless? Mary’s heart had been ‘pierced’ with sorrow. But was She Restless?

What was their Situation? Right at the Birth of Jesus, herod wants to get Him killed. If We come to know that some enemies are going to kill our Child, not in some ‘story’ fashion but in Reality, would We be as Cool, Collected and ‘At Peace’ as Mary and Joseph?

It is Possible to be So.

…Speaking about Peace, there are Many who ask:

  • Why did I Not get this or that,
  • Why do such things happen to me, …and Worse,
  • Why do such things Always happen to me?

Yet, if We ask them, they would say they have plenty of Peace. If We are asking such types of questions, that means We are Lacking in Peace.


In the Toon above, from Facebook, the Artist seems to think that Mary and Joseph were perturbed when Frankenstein arrived instead of Frankincense. But look at the Face of the Babe!


As I understand it Today, to me, Peace is the Assurance that God would Not find me Guilty. This is NOT in the sense of certain groups of Christians who think that once they are ‘Born Again’ or something, they cannot sin! God is Not going to be Fooled.

Putting it all in Another way, Would God say, “You have Not Wasted Your life?” We have to Remember that Life is Not about Accumulating Wealth, or even providing for our family. Even Animals take care of their young. What great credit in that?

Here come the words ‘Good Will’ and all.

If We have Wished Everybody Well, and If We have Worked for it by Labouring for the Welfare of Our Neighbour, Upto a Degree that would Satisfy God, then We can be Sure that He is Pleased with Us.

Many Christians think that ‘good works’ mean giving to Charity or, God Forbid, buying up those funny indulgences of yesteryear. This is Not what I am talking about. I am talking about being a ‘Good Samaritan’ to the Whole World, All the Days of Our Life! This would mean getting Your hands Dirty and Working up a Sweat. There is No Arm-Chair good will.

Have You Tried Your BEST at Working for the Welfare of Your Neighbour? Would God say so? Then Relax. Be in Peace.

I Wish You All the Blessings of Christmas. 🙂


  1. Peace to all. I hope all restless souls in this world find their inner peace foremost. Your narration about Herod wanting to kill baby Jesus as soon as he was born – it brings to my mind Krishn’s birth story! His uncle Kansa too wanted to ill him at birth. Amazing coincidence!

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