05 Religion – Our Relationship with God

To take things simply, God is Adored All over the World, and has been Adored, since Ages. Man’s Relationship with God has been, for the Most part, one of Awe. This Worship is considered as Religion by Most people.

But, as I have shown in the Second article in this series, Religion means Relationship.

If Just One person keeps talking, it can be a Lecture, a Monologue, and many things like that. But Only One person talking can Never become Dialogue.

It is Dialogue Only If and When At Least Two parties are involved. Similarly, Relationship with God is More than Worshipping Him, or some Rituals connected with that.


What about those who do not believe in the Existence of God?


Whether the Existence of God is proved/accepted or not, The Concept of God remains!

Hence, If I choose to Deny the Existence of God, My System of Relationship with Him becomes one of Denial! I Still have a System!!!


As for the Relationship between Man and God in Christianity…

We have Christ Jesus saying: “The Father Himself Love You.” (John 16:27). Thus, in Christianity, the Relationship between God and Man is One of Love. God Loves Us, and Is Our Father.

And Man’s Relationship towards God in Christianity is to be one of Love too. Again as Jesus Himself said: “Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart, with All Your Soul, with All Your Mind, and with All Your Strength.” (Mark 12:30). Thus We are supposed not Just to Worship God, but also to Love God, and Behave with All the Dignity and Responsibility of Being His Children.

In the verse quoted above, Jesus had used practically the same words of the Old Testament, (See Deuteronomy 6:5).

Jesus had quoted this verse in answer to the question as to what is the Greatest commandment. Those who had raised the query had expected Him to stop with that verse. But Jesus had carried on, In the Same Breath, with the following:

“Love Your Neighbour as You Love Yourself.” (Mark 12:31). So, in Christianity, Loving God and Loving People go hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other. St. John put it down very clearly: “You cannot Love God, Whom You have Not seen, If You do not Love Your Fellow Human Being, whom You Do see.” (1 John 4:20, paraphrased).


Brother ori

[He ain’t heavy; he is my Brother. Graphic from Internet]

Thus, in Christianity, Our Relationship with God has to be one of Loving Reverence. This Relationship cannot be Complete without Loving Our Fellow Human Beings.

And that is the Christian Religion.

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