On Trepidations, And…

I have shared with You that my computer has been giving me Trouble. As for these Trepidations…

For a longish time, I found my computer just shutting down, without putting in an Application for Leave, or so much as By Your leave! Haha. Jokes apart, I had been really fearful of Losing my Years of Writings.

There it is… Trepidations! But, is it OK to have Trepidations? The Answer is YES. Psychology would tell Us that Any and Every Emotion is OK, Except for Anxiety. 

That is because Anxiety is a Nameless kind of worry, something on which We are Not able to Put Our Finger. We are Not able to get at it’s Roots. When We are able to go to the Root or the Source of a difficulty, We can Handle it. And Anxiety does not afford Us that handle. For all that, Anxiety too can be handled by Dhyaan, on which, more later.


To go back, I am a Sannyasi. Is it Ok for a Sannyasi to have Trepidations? Why Not? He is Not a Block of Ice. On the Contrary, though he might be as Cool as Ice, he Can and Will be Fire too!

at least protest ag evil

[Graphic from Internet]

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