The Sannyasi

The Sannyasi is one who walks with God. The word is of Indian origin, and has particular connotations. He is one who has Tasted the Goodness, the Sweetness and Above All the Happiness of Walking with the Lord.

Walking with the Lord is Not a walk in the Park! God is Never ‘Disturbed,’ of course, but He is the One Who is putting Every mistake of man, and his wilful crimes, Right. So it is a Walk through Fire, Ice, and also Pure Joy. So Walking with the Lord is Putting Your neck on the block, and at times, being Ready to be Crucified. Among Us Humans, John the Baptist comes to mind, where he criticized the ruler, and had his head chopped off.

The Sannyasi is one who has chosen this Happiness above the mere pleasures of this world.

I have a picture which brings out all these Ideas, albeit in a Very Modern way. Graphic from Internet.

Walking w God good


By the very definition, it is seen that The Sannyasi is Not God! He is Walking with God, after all! A Sannyasi is a Human being and Remains one, with All the Qualities of a Human.

There are many who hold the concept of ‘AhamBrahmAsmi,’ which, put in the Simplest terms, means, ‘I am the Absolute.’ Sanskrit is a very precise language, and can give No other meaning to the quoted, composite word. And for them, one is supposed to realize That. They are Most Welcome to it, of course.

A Christian is called to Realize the Love, the Goodness and the Sweetness of God. And We all know that Realizing is much much deeper than merely knowing the meaning in the Dictionary! Christians go to dozens of Retreats during their lifetime, during which, the Love of God is the subject that is presented the Most often. Yet they have questions on the Subject All through their lives! Did they not understand the Talks? Of course they did. So, Here We see The Difference between Understanding and Realization!


The Sannyasi is different from a Sadhu, in that the latter is ‘doing’ Saadhnaa, which means he is On the Path of Realization. The Sannyasi is one who has Attained It.

And then We have Rishis. These have the ‘Roop Anubhav,’ over and above the ‘Guha Anubhav’ of the Sannyasis.

Your Yesudas, by the Grace of God, is a Rishi, called a Sannyasi for the sake of Simplicity. …Love and Blessings! 🙂


  1. Extraordinarily beautiful post. ✨ I believe that all creatures under the heavens walk with God. They are not all aware of this, but I believe that all, at one time or another, felt the presence of The One. All those times when we trip and fall, and think it’s the end of the world, it is by the hand of the ever present One that we suddenly find ourselves again standing.


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