Hindu Violence Rises in Orissa

This is a little series on Violence done to Christians in a place called KANDHAMAL in Odisha, India.

In 2008, the Christians in this place were attacked, At least One Nun was Raped, A Pastor and his son were burnt alive, and even Orphanages were Burnt.

As of Today, (2015), the Christians who left their lands and home are afraid to return, as they have been told that they come back Only if they are ready to become hindus.

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Revolution in South Asia


This article was published in A World To Win.

Orissa, India: Hindu fundamentalists foment violence among the people

[20 April 2008. A World to Win News Service.] Over many years a large number of Dalits (“untouchables”) in the eastern Indian state of Orissa converted to Christianity to escape the Hindu caste system in which they are considered subhuman. In the last decade, and especially the last year and a half, life has become hell for them. In December 2007, Hindu supremacist forces lead a riot in which many of the Dalit Christians were killed and their homes and churches were burned by tribal people at least as poor as the Dalits. The Hindu monk Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, a leader of the Vishnu Hindu Parisad (VHP) party, was said to have been behind the attacks. The VHP is part of a broader movement of organisations identified with the word “Hindutva” (“Hindu-ness”)…

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