Your Prayers would be Highly Appreciated [EDITED]

Hello, Again, my Friends! …This may sound peculiar; But I, who like Friends so much, do not have one with whom I can make contact, within a reasonable distance. My (once) Best Friend, Fr. Alphonse F., is nearly 2,500 Km away! …I have come to Look Upon You All, of the WordPress community, as my Friends now. So this sharing is even by way of Catharsis.

Am Editing my post of the 22nd of Jan this year. My Mom had looked like this, as You at the Bottom, then. On the 31st of Jan, she became Immobile, as in ‘Our Cat Oversees things.’ Day by day She is getting Weaker. …She is on a Catheter and ‘Under-pads,’ but the Instinct to get up and to go to the toilet, so as not to soil the clothes and the bed, is so powerful, that she tries trying to get up, and asking to be taken out. To Observe this becomes very painful.

So, in this situation, where I do not have much energy to go through my Reader, or to write, Your Prayers for my Mom would be Highly Appreciated once again. Please Keep her in Your Valuable Prayers.


[Below, the Old, Original article:]

This has been a Longish Absence of mine from my site! The main cause has been my Silly Computer, which is Yet having Teething problems with its CPU, and my OLD monitor.

The Other Reason is that my Dear Mom is needing More of my Time. We are Blessed to have a Village Woman who stays and takes care of her. But, as Mom wakes up many times a night, in spite of strongish sleeping medicine, the VM rests during the day and I get to respond to Mom’s calls.


I am coming to understand How much of a Privilege it is to take care of her! She had Brought Up Five of Us, and So well! She managed even the Finances and saw to the Education, particularly of my Younger brother and sister, after my Father’s demise.

Yet, as I have lived Alone Most of my Adult life, taking care of a person physically is something very foreign to me! I have had to learn that, and am the Better for that. I can say that I am a Bit More than Tired too! So writing work is taking so much More time!

For all that, am working on my Novel, which is growing Well in my Mind, as well as writing on Facebook, Twitter, and little Re-posts, etc, on the Blog.


Regards. 🙂


  1. Your’e doing a grand job. Yes, they raised us, so now it’s our turn, quite rightly. Such a shame many don’t think that way, and shove dear old mum into a nursing home 😦

    Wishing her all our best wishes.


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