FORCED worship to a goddess!

In modi’s Ahmedabad in gujarat, Students of all schools, irrespective of Religious background, Muslims and Christians included, were made to perform ‘Puja’ to the goddess saraswati.


However, the Board claimed not a single school opted out of the event. Reference below.


My thoughts on this, a bit cryptic, as this had been shared on Twitter:

1. Man holds Your Daughter at Gun-point, taunts: ‘Anybody is Welcome to Try!’ Later says: ‘Nobody Protested.’

held hostage rt

Image from

2. This is exactly what has started happening in the #bjp rule.

3. They Boast that Even Urdu medium schools complied with circular for #saraswati vandana.

4. First, #Re-conversion, now Forced #saraswati vandana!

5. Anybody who refuses to comply does not get his Licence renewed; Does not get Sanctions for Expansion or New Appointments, etc.

6. They say NOBODY PROTESTED. But If You protest, At the Very least You would have Your School Windows broken.

7. They will say: ‘Christian schools MAKE students recite ‘Our Father,’ etc. THEY DON’T HAVE TO SAY IT!

8. What is their difficulty in prosecuting the Christian schools if they are forced to recite the Our Father? AFTER ALL THEY ARE THE MAJORITY.


And a little more:

1. What do they hope to gain except an EGO SATISFACTION? MERE ATTENDENCE at events like these does not become ‘vandana.’

2. I would even call this an Insult to saraswati. I accept that such Insults have been paid to Christ by Christians.

3. Though I respect saraswati, as a Christian I would not perform ‘vandana’ to her.

4. Except for sporadic incidents, Hindus, Muslims and Christians, etc, have got along QUITE well in India.

5. Since the new govt was formed, things have changed, very much, for the Worse. MUCH WORSE.

6. And all this, WHILE OBAMA IS IN INDIA! Talk of  TEMERITY!!!




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