Cockroaches… And Respect!

For me, Cockroaches are, if not the Worst, then at least ‘Public Enemy no. 3’ or something! To Connect the word ‘Respect’ and Cockroaches, if You have not already done that, I shall have to start again!

They were showing ‘The Next Karate Kid‘ over the TV again. I rather like it, so… When the part where the Girl tries to kill the Cockroach came, I had some new thoughts in my mind.

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Mr. Miyagi explained to Julie that The Monks Respected All Living things. But that is a Fine idea, is it not? So what is the Problem?

I found Two things Problematic on the part of the Monks.

1. Julie and Miyagi had approached the monastery sometime during the day. The Very Respectable, Monks-Who-Respected-All-Living-Things opened the gates for these their Guests After it was dark, as was evinced by the lanterns in their hands. Some Respect.

2. When Julie tried to kill the Cockroach, all the Monks got up and Walked off… Ok, Ok, I won’t say in a huff! Haha! 🙂 …There You have it! Some Respect! Fine Consideration! But then, may be the Rule book says: “Thou Shalt Respect, but Not necessarily Be Considerate.” 😦


As You All know, I am a Country Bumpkin. Never had much sense. But, I Appreciate the man, of whom I heard quite long ago, who swallowed a mouse that he found in the food served to him, instead of pointing it out to his Hosts, lest they be Embarrassed. And I would Not get up and leave my Guests in a Huff, Even for a Cockroach! Haha.



This post is Not against those Monks in the movie. They are Actors, after all, doing what the director is telling them to do. Nor is this post criticizing Buddhist Monks.

If Anything, I Criticize my Co-Priests, Bishops and such of the catholic Faith. Taking the VOW of Poverty, Most of them live in Styles many times better than what they had come from. If We Ignore that, a (catholic) Priest (generally) does not offer a seat to the person who comes to see him, Unless that Person is Well-to-do. And that is the ‘Respect’ I am talking about in this post.

Folks, Remember, Things Never Change Unless We Talk about them. Do You know the Story of Birbal’s Son and the Roses? Well, for that, Please click here!


For some more interesting thoughts on Cockroaches, please click here.

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