On Cockroaches, Cats and Tigers!

Let me make a Very brief reference to Julie, in ‘The Next Karate Kid,’ trying to kill the blessed Cockroach. Here our question is going to be: ‘How Wrong was Julie in trying to kill it?

For that We have to consider the Cat! I love Animals, even Buffaloes, though I would request You Not to tell me to Prove my Love for them by Kissing the Proverbial Frog. Dogs I find Noisy, and I do not have the facility nor time to give them Exercise. So Cats.

Now My Cat is allowed the Run of my Mother’s room, but Not mine! My Room, serving as Three Quarters of the Ashram’s Store, is chock full of things, and My Cat has toppled too many things the few times he/she has been In.


The Thing is, If I say ‘Shoo,’ he/she very Dutifully Dashes Out. Unlike the Bally Cockroach! You try to chase this, and Whirrr, it has flown to Just the spot that is Unreachable. And if We say, ‘Let the fellow be,’ he/she munches on paper, wants to have a taste of Your Coffee, and what not.

To me, Squelching a Cockroach, and Getting On with Life, is the Real thing. So thus far, We have come from Cat to Cockroach!

I have the same approach to Snakes and things. I try to push them out, but, lacking all those special ‘Tong’ like things that they use in National Geographic and Animal Planet, if Mr/Mrs Snake refuses to leave, Even if it is confused about the exit points of my room, I send it to the other world. I do not want the Snake to play Hide and Seek like this good Doggy here, having left its tail out just that bit, and turning back and biting whoever stepped on it.

doggy hides

Image from Bored Panda in Facebook.

[In our country Snakes are also known to creep under pillows; on to the beds, and nuzzle up to Sleepers. When people turn over and the Snake feels the pressure, it shows it Ire with a Bite.]


Tigers. I am asking You, When the World did not come to a Stop when the Dinosaurs died, Why should it if the Tigers do? Hundreds of Hectares are allotted to these, and People are Simply told to Vacate! The govt says You Go, and You Goeth!

There is Enough Land that Can and Should be developed into Forests, (from Scratch), but that the govt will not do. The Donor agencies, the IMF or something, will make it a clause that there be ‘Tiger Sanctuaries,’ and hey presto, Out People Go. This happens! As to one of my Friends, Mr. TM Devdan.

ele destroy crops odishatime

Image: Odishatime.com

And Animals go on the Rampage. The govt cares two hoots. People, particularly Farmers, Whole Families of them, commit Suicide, as their means of Livelihood is lost.

If We think of the Population Density in India, the idea of Allocation of Such Huge tracts of Lush areas for animal conservation simply Tires me.

Yes, We Should Keep Our (Human) Population under Wise Limits. (Even the catholic church says that!) Yes, tigers are magnificent beasts. But is not a buffalo also one such?

Whether it is a question of Ahimsa, Respect, whatever, Why are Tigers, etc, to be Preserved, and Microbes, Bacteria and Viruses to be Destroyed?

If it is to be a question of Conservation, Are We going to Save and Preserve, Alive, the last few Millions of Mosquitoes?


Julie should not have tried to kill the cockroach with her Shoe while it was on the Dining Table! She should not have tried to squelch the Dear thing On the Dining table! But She was Right in Trying to Kill it. …….Let Horse Sense Prevail!


Image: moore.ces.ncsu.edu

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