A Tale of Power, Spine and Guts

Or the Lack of these. That is the Reality. Humanity  today is Powerless, Spineless and above all, Gutless. Do excuse me. A collection of Tweets sent today.

1. #jayalalitha: WONDERFULLY PUT in Tamil! The Captions say: MINISTERS Without POWER, and OFFICIALS Without SPINE!


Graphic from AAPTN’s page on Facebook.

2. #jayalalitha has been sent to JAIL for 4 years, and STRIPPED of her post of CM ans as MLA. YET…

3. The RUBBERSTAMP (acting, REALLY acting!) cm of TN, does not even SIT on Ex cm #jayalalitha’s chair!

4. And that MOST USELESS OF AGENCIES, the #judiciary, having #suomoto and all that, on #jayalalitha, grins and sleeps.

5. And We the People of TN, are We Not GUTLESS? How many Dare even speak or write about #jayalalitha on Facebook or Twitter? Haha.


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