A Poem of Fire.

Mum C writes


When hunters’ hunts unveiled her

She sat in mystery like the virgin she was

Adorned by great forests

Clothed by beautiful trees

Surrounded by caring rivers

Being serenaded by great seas

As she sat on the much need riches

Scared at first, they sought to shoot

Then realized her worth

And sought to take

They then realized their defence

So sought to mesmerize

When it proved futile

They resorted to rape

How hurting!

Tearing her forests and uncovering her body

How hurting!

Using her vegetation to beat and subdue her

How hurting!

Raping Africa and breaking her golden hymen!

How hurting!

Leaving her a whore to be dug in times of need

How hurting!

The haunting thoughts of the African raped!

How hurting!

Being tutored to love the rape!

May God save her from these thoughts

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015


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