Democracy is More than…

Democracy is More than Voting once in Five Years. IF You and I hold that Democracy is the Best possible process of Governance, then, I beg to state that We Have to Keep a Keen Eye on How things are being managed.

It would mean a question of Using Many faculties of Ours, Our Observation, Thinking and Action. Apathy and Inaction leads to Death, literally.


Today’s morning news over the TV, at all of 5.30 AM, spoke of the Murder of a 70 year old man in Bengaluru. To use its Old name, by which it may be more familiar to Readers, this happened in Bangalore. reference below.


This site of and I, Yesudas, as its Author had covered the myriad Rapes and Gang Rapes that had been Proliferating our Indian scene. A search for the word Rape on this site would show up enough articles.

Bengaluru, which is one of India’s better known, Ancient, Lovely and Advanced cities, saw Multiple cases of Molestation, Rape, and Alas, even the Murder of Children, often less than 10 years old. Do We still want to say that these will happen Just to Others?


Writing about all the above, I had written that We Need to be Involved in what is happening around us, as such things could happen to Us, too.

We Need to:

  • Keep a Fair Hold on the Rein of things.
  • Ask politicos and officials what they have been doing and why things are not moving.
  • Join Protests and Marches, Show that So many of Us Care, (politicos are concerned Just with Numbers).
  • Question, Castigate, Criticise, Demand, and Specify Just What We Want, and What Needs to be Done.


Failure in these, as We see today, ends even in Death. Actions Enumerated above will protect Democracy, and Us.


  1. Democracy…. ah this democracy. You expressed so nicely dear Baba. It is not to vote once in five years… We have problem with this one too in my country. On the other hand, is there any democracy alive in this world… Just it seems as if there is… You know, I hate to talk about these kind of matters, (politics, religions,..etc)… But you said right.

    Thank you, love, nia


    • As You say, my Dear Nia, it is Very difficult to find Real Democracy in the world today, though there ARE some small countries which practice that Successfully. I forget their names.

      ONE of the Reasons why Democracy does Not succeed is that many people do Not talk about it! ONLY way to keep Democracy alive and politics clean is to keep talking about it.

      Our Future, and the Future of our Children, depends on this.

      Love to You too! 🙂


  2. Making new laws will not ease things …they should atleast try to enact existing laws. Stop the ‘3 finger’ virginity/ rape test. Make police sensitive to rape survivors. Ensure police document these crimes. Zero tolerance to rapists. Zero tolerance to protectors (family) and sympathizers (politicians). And Like I said recently, Social Ostracism of rapist & his family forever – to Hell with rehabilitation of these monsters.

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