Invisible Man by Catharine Johanna Otto

A Real Public Execution. An Execution BY the Public. Unfortunately, this happens Thousands of Times a Day. And it is Preventable.

An Excellent Poem. In the Blog of an Excellent Man, Dennis.

Gotta Find a Home:


Catharine Johanna Otto
Freelance author

Hi Dennis,

Thank you for sharing your blog! I enjoyed reading it and I’m glad that you’re having so much success with it. It’s wonderful for the homeless that you’re so generous with the proceeds and they are getting the benefits. I’m grateful also for your generous offer to let me use your blog for promotions. Currently I don’t have a book to promote, but I thought you might be interested in this poem I wrote about the homeless years ago. If you don’t think the message is too strong, I wouldn’t mind if you posted it on your blog.
(I’m adding it as an attachment also.)

Invisible Man
by Catharine Otto

Walking along 12th St.
when I was 17,
I saw a man, sitting in the middle
of boxes and boxes of possessions—
No Man’s Land,
yet his only world–
steam almost swallowing…

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