The World will Change Only When…


Change is Always happening. Growth or Decay, it is change. But We are talking about Positive Changes. And my contention is that the World will Change Positively Only When people like the pope,  the cardinals and bishops stand up and Speak. We can of course add those like the Dalai lama, etc, to this list.

Take India. As I write this today, the 13th of March, 2015, it seems that a minister, one KM Mani, wanting to present the budget itself, is facing the Stiffest Opposition, and with good cause too, it seems. He is accused of Bribery. (

bar bribery protest Kozhikode March 15

Photo, view of protest, from: …TV channels show greater crowds. Happy to note that Educated Youth are Protesting too.


Toon from: 

Now here is the interesting thing. Mani goes for ‘Mass’ regularly. Am sure he is a great contributor to the church coffers too.

Over this, I ask all Keralans, if they have heard, even once, In Specific Terms, these words: “People, especially those in High posts, like politicians, judges and other officials, IF they are Guilty of Harming the Common Man, Should Not Receive Communion.”

Next, let us take ‘Catholic’ countries like those in South America, and Mexico and Panama. Have You heard the pope raising his voice over the Abominable and Abysmal Violence there? A few Bishops have done that. But, as I said, a Few.

culture of curruption

Image Courtesy:


All the Above is Just the Prelude. Actually, The World will Change Only When a Thousand, or Ten Thousand, People will Ask, Tweet, Pester, if Necessary Surround people like the pope, the cardinals and bishops, and ask them:


It’s No use asking Me What I am doing. The More than 480 posts in about 15 months, with my Mother on Her Dying Bed, show that I am doing All that I can. But My Efforts are what? Rather, What am I? I am Something as small, tiny and Puny as a Matchstick. Compared to me, the pope and the bishops are Giants, people with 10 Talents. Mine You can calculate at about 1.25! …It is They who can get things done. The Only thing is, We have to Make them do it. A bit Topsy -Turvy, maybe, but there it is!


ONLY WHEN a Hundred Thousand voices have reached them, will people like the pope and others get up from their Couches, their Comfort Zones, and Start Thinking of Answering Us, and to Speak Out.

And That will happen ONLY WHEN We Common Citizens, Wake Up, Think of Our Children and Grand children and Embolden Ourselves, and Set forth to Ask Them. Only Then will the World Change. Go Ahead and Do it. They have Cleverly fooled Us into thinking that We should Not question them. Christ questioned the Religious Leaders of His day. Paul questioned Peter! [Galatians 2:11,14]. So Let’s Get Up, and Go and Change the World.


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