My Camera And My Chai – Billions

Rajiv’s little tale of his Camera, his Tea and …Billions, is Highly Worth Reading! Kudos, Rajiv!


But there IS a Solution… In Tamil, there is a Saying:

“Podum endra maname, Pon seyyum Marundu.”

[A Mind that is Satisfied is the Magic of Making Gold.]


But, Do We have the COURAGE, and the MORAL FIBRE, for that? Would be We Satisfied with Smaller Accommodations, Smaller Cars, Be Ready to Give up Un-Necessary Expenses? Live As Our Parents Did?

My Camera And My Chai My Camera And My Chai


A couple of months ago, I put in a graph showing the increase in world population. We zoomed to 7 billion, from 1 billion, in 150 odd years.

India’s population, from the history that I have read, was about 400 million in the early part of the last century. We have – or seem to have – added 800 million in the last one hundred years.

Someone wrote to me, saying that as per estimates, the world’s population should stabilise at about 15 billion in the next 100 years.

As I sat under that tree, sipping my chai, by the banks of the river, my mind started to wander.

Blimey, it said!

Witness a country like India. 800 million people being added. As these people – my people – start to grow out of poverty, they will demand the goods and services that have been…

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