Parents Outraged With Oregon School Punishment of 6-year-old For Being Late…

A Very Good post, which should make Us Examine Our ‘Educational Systems.’ I write with particular reference to India.

To Remark on the present post, I had failed to notice the Cardboard in front of the Child, which is effectively putting him in Isolation, something even Seasoned Criminals hate and fear.

As many have written about it, this sort of Punishment is Cruel and Senseless; and Shameful for the School authorities.

In India, making Children stand Outside the Class rooms, for Hours, and worse than that, even making them Kneel in the Hot Sun… are they not Common?

The Sheer Workload on the Child in India works like a Punishment, and Deforms the Child. The End Product is like a Memory Device chock full of Information, without Enough Know-How as to How to Use that. There is also the Modern Danger of Children who Do Not Even Know what PLAY is! Worse than that is the Moral Vacuum.

The ONLY Interest of Schools seems to be a Good Academic Name, by which More Students, and thereby More Money would come in for the school authorities.

And Should We Not say that the ONLY Interest of Parents is to have Children who Excel in Academics, though their Physical, Psychological and Moral Health is Damaged and Spoilt, as these have not been Developed?

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