Say What You Need To Say

This from the post:

“One of the things that elderly people are always talking about in terms of regret is not having the courage to speak up…” Is it True? Interesting.

I like these words too:

“if you’re a coward especially about who you are and the things that matter to you most – a part of who you are is already dead; you are existing but only because you are breathing and for no other reason.”

YouTube / John MayerYouTube / John Mayer

Most of us know that part-annoying, part-inspiring song, “Say What You Need To Say,” by John Mayer,  and indeed I’ve always appreciated the message. I have always believed that it’s not everything that comes to one’s mind, that one needs to share with the world. I think silence can be a good thing; I think silence can be the best thing at times. I say this as someone who is essentially a communicator!

All that said, I think it’s very important to speak your mind, especially when it matters, especially when you will go to bed at night wishing you had. You see, I think a lot of people go to their graves having never actually been who they really wanted to be, and part of being who you want to be is saying things that matter to you, in moments that matter to you. Now…

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