God’s Jigsaw Puzzle

I have spent LONG Years in Fighting with God, even Cursing God. And now, as He has slowly opened my eyes, I see that I have Experiences and Incidents of His Saving, Loving Presence – TOO NUMEROUS TO COUNT.

Thank You, Dr. Shinde, for Sharing this.

Impractical Dreamer

Circa 1993 . H.S.C exams. Biology, my favorite paper. Every answer on my fingertip; and from there fluidly onto the answer paper. The giddy bubbly feeling when everything is sailing smooth. Life is perfect!

My answers fill Main plus 3 extra sheets. I crosscheck my roll number and hand over the paper bang on time. I stroll out with a silly smug smile hovering over my lips.  As I collect my bag, Disaster strikes! I have forgotten

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