20 thoughts on “My Dear Mother has gone to her Reward”

  1. Dear Baba, in a moment of loss words may seem futile, but please know my heart goes out to you. May the memories cherished be your consolation and a reminder of the beautiful mother-son bond which never ceases to exist. LOVE and PEACE.

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  2. Thinking of you during this time, Swamiyesudas. ❤ Our mothers…the beautiful spirits who bring us into this world….the first bond we make in our lives. Thank you for sharing with us the beautiful black and white pictures of your mother and father.

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  3. Although we expect our parents to die before us in the normal way of things, and even when they are elderly, it still can hit us very hard when a dear parent dies. Cherish the happy times and the good memories and she will always be with you. I love the black and white photos of your parents by the way.

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  4. Dear Swami, I am sorry to have missed this post until I read your post today about your Mom’s passing. Our heartfelt condolences and hope you’re coping well. But we know she’s home and enjoying the rewards of heaven. God bless you for being there for your Mom. The photos are so lovely. The month of March was a ‘heavy’ month for us as we had to attend to some legal matters. This quote that I posted recently is exactly what I was going through. http://wp.me/p2TELX-22k
    Blessings, peace & hugs! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

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    1. Thank You, Patri, for that Lovely message, the Love and the Support.

      Had been to Your site and had seen this post earlier too. But today, when I saw it with reference to what You have written today, it makes more sense, and is Good.

      Love and Blessings to You all, too!

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  5. Clicking on ‘like’ doesn’t seem quite right for this, but there is nothing else available. I’m so sorry for your loss of your dear Mother, Baba. Those of us who have lost our own mothers will know how you feel. She will be forever in your heart though, never forgotten. With love. x

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